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New Mexico Fencing Foundation

Fencing is an exciting sport. Here you can download our handbook, read our current newsletter or study the sport's important terms.

USA Fencing Membership
USA Fencing Membership is required for anyone fencing at NMFF. Memberships start at $15 for the Non-Competitive level, with additional levels allowing different degrees of access to competitions.
NMFF Member Handbook
Our handbook is loaded with important information like class and membership costs, equipment requirements and tournament types. Download the handbook and keep it handy when you need answers to questions you might have.
NMFF Newsletter
Our newsletters are a great source of important information like class schedules, equipment requirements, tournament schedules and important club news. Just click on the link below.
USFA Glossary and Definitions of Terms
The United States Fencing Association's Glossary of Terms and Definitions is an essential tool for any fencing enthusiast. Whether you're a beginner, a high-level competitor or a parent wanting to know more about the sport, this manual is a must-have.
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