New Mexico Fencing Foundation
1306 Clark Road · Suite C
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

New Mexico Fencing Foundation is Santa Fe’s only full-time facility dedicated to fencing. The club offers a relaxed, supportive environment that builds the skills that make a successful fencer — whether training to be a recreational athlete or an international competitor.

Classes and private coaching are available for all ages and all levels, and experienced fencers are welcome at our open bouting.

Spring 2015 Schedule


4:00–6:30: Lessons and Open Bouting

5:30–6:30: Adult Beginner Class


4:00–5:00: Junior Saber

5:00–6:00: Junior/Teen Epee

6:00–7:00: Open Bouting/Adult Intermediate Class


4:15–5:15: Level 1 Youth Fencing — Multiple Weapon Introduction

5:00: Open Bouting


5:00–6:00: Junior/Teen Epee

6:00–7:30: Open Bouting


Open for lessons, armory, and travel


10:00–11:00: Junior/Teen/Adult/Veteran

11:00–12:00: Open Bouting

12:00–1:00: Junior Saber



How to Begin Modern Olympic Fencing


Begin anytime on Wednesdays 4:15-5:15

Cost: $125 for Six Weeks

All equipment included


Begin Anytime after Two 60-minute lessons ($40 each).

Class times: Tuesday 6:00–7:00pm & Saturday 10:00–11:00 am

Cost: $50 per month

Electric Equipment included.


Begin Anytime. Discounted Private Lessons ($40 each) available, but not required.

Class times: Monday 5:30-6:30pm (Advanced Vets meet Tuesday 6pm and Saturday 10am)

Cost: $80 per month

Electric Equipment included.

Fencers have the option of taking Two 60-minute lessons and enter the Level II. This is a great option for older fencers ages 12–18. Lesson cost is discounted to $40 per lesson. You may take up to four lessons at this rate.

Teen and Adult fencers have the same option of taking Private lessons to begin a regular class.


Level I: Beginner Youth only

Level II: Recreational Fencer with local competitions. Fencers own all required equipment. Payment schedule follows school schedules.

Level III: National competitors. Payment schedule is based on a 12-month schedule.

Youth Classes

Fun, safe, and exciting for ages 5 and up, fencing is a mentally and physically challenging sport.

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Youth Summer Camps

Summer Fencing Day Camps are for children ages 7 to 14 in our newly finished facility. No previous fencing experience is necessary.  Camps are designed for students that have never fenced before, as well as for students that have prior experience. Emphasis is on teaching fundamentals of fencing including: footwork, offensive and defensive actions, and proper equipment use.

Hours: 10:00–1:00, Monday–Friday
Cost: $150
Foil begins June 1, Saber begins July 13, and Epee begins August 3

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Adult Classes

For adults who have always wanted to try fencing. Instruction is available for beginners as well as more experienced fencers. Classes start the first week of every month, Level 1 on Monday evenings, Level 2 on Tuesday evenings. Each class only $80 for four weeks — all equipment included.

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