New Mexico Fencing Foundation

All new fencers are required to take two 60-minute private lessons in order to join the Level I classes. You may start at any time of the year. 

Classes & Instruction
New Mexico Fencing Foundation
Classes and Instruction

​Classes Tuesdays 5:30 - 6:30

Adults/Teens: Saturdays 10:00 - 11:00 (Foil)

  • New youth beginning fencers may start with the group class Tuesday 5:30 pm January after taking the required private lessons.

  • New Adult/teen beginning fencers also begin in January, but will need to complete two beginner lessons as stated below.

To register please email All paperwork will be completed at the club. If you would like to take a required private session ($70 60-min) then please email or text Jamey 505-699-2034.

Adult and teens are required to take two 60-minute private lessons in order to join the Level I classes. You may start at any time of the year. This will give you a comfortable environment to learn about the basic footwork, bladework, equipment and rules of fencing.

Lesson times are scheduled when there are no classes or other distractions in the room. After two lessons we find that the students are prepared for a fun experience with other fencers. You are welcome to take more at this discounted price if you want more practice time.

Please bring clean athletic shoes, water bottle, T-shirt and sweat pants. We will provide all other needed equipment.

Youth and Teen Class Instruction:

One Class Per week: $100 monthly - 4 classes per month.

Multiple Classes per month $130 monthly - 5+ classes per month.

Competitors $130 monthly for 12 months or $350 quarterly.

Adult Class Instruction

Level I-II $100 per month for Thursday 6pm class. Includes open bouting times on Tuesday and Saturdays.


Please note that basic instruction does not require club membership.

Recreational Fencers $100 monthly.

Calendar of Classes, Events and Closures
Fencing Summer Camps Dates Announced in February 2020

Summer Camps are a great way to introduce kids ages 7-13 to fencing. Each camp is for beginner and novice fencers. Current NMFF members are encouraged to attend.

New Mexico Fencing Foundation provides all equipment for fencing. Youth fencers are encouraged to join, as it is a great way to immerse into 16 hours of fundamentals, video analysis, and bouting.

We teach the fundamentals of footwork, bladework, tactics and technique. Our camps are designed to be high energy and fun. Fencers will learn the rules of engagement, scoring system and etiquette. We are the only Modern Olympic Fencing club in Santa Fe. We have state of the art, modern, and safe equipment for all fencers. Our central location is convenient. Camp attendance is limited to 12 participants.

Instruction is exclusively given by James Odom. 32 years of experience including US National Coach for 2009. He is certified in all three weapons – foil, epee and saber.

To Register you will need to complete the form below and send to or mail to the club directly.

Mail check to:

New Mexico Fencing Foundation

1306 Clark Rd #A

Sant Fe, NM 87507


A confirmation letter will be sent upon payment received. If you still have questions then please call Jamey directly at 505-699-2034.

Refunds are available with two week notice.

  • Water Bottle (very important!)

  • Athletic Shoes with laces (no Keens, Tevas, or sandals are allowed)

  • Lunch for noon and snack for breaks

  • Please wear t-shirts and shorts, only

Or prepay with Paypal: